Friday, November 15, 2019

This week in The Loft: Author Devon McKay!

Joining me in The Loft this week is Amazon best-selling author Devon McKay. Devon writes contemporary and historical romance with a western flair. Born in Florida, she moved to Alaska as a teen and after 27 years there, moved to Ohio, where she lives on a mini-farm. Devon enjoys spending time with her granddaughter and four dogs, as well as working with stained glass. 

Author Devon McKay

S:  Good morning, Devon! Thanks for joining me on this chilly day! 

Why did you become a writer?

D:  I never set out to be an author. I’m an avid reader. I was inspired by my favorite authors to write.

S:  What attracted you to the romance genre?

D:  What can I say? I’m a gal that loves a happy ending!

S:   (Chuckles.)  While that's not a requirement to write romance, it sure helps! 

What’s your definition of romance?

D:  For me, it’s the little things that are often taken for granted. My husband bringing me a cup of coffee, surprising me by cooking dinner, or hiding my favorite candy bar in my pocket. Throw in my favorite kind of Tic Tacs and I may even tear up. I’m a real sap for that kind of thing.

S:  (Nods.)  It's the little things that matter. I prefer little acts over grand gestures. Just knowing someone is thinking about me makes my day!

What do you crave?

D:  I live on chocolate and coffee. Doesn’t everyone?

S:  It sure seems like most authors do! That's why I have a big stash of dark chocolate coffee crunch bars right next to my computer. They soothe the soul and keep the creative juices flowing!

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

D:  To stay off of Facebook and other media sites and just write. It’s easy to get sucked in and before you know it, you’ve lost valuable writing time. 

S:  It is so easy to get distracted when facing an empty page. I allow myself to check social media twice a day and that's it. When I first got on Twitter, I was on there for most of the day!

Tell me about your holiday story, "Kissing St. Nick."

D:  Sure. Here's the blurb--

Driving a sports car in the middle of a blizzard wasn't the worst decision Lane Kelly had ever made. Considering the mess she'd made of her life in the past two years, returning home was one of her better choices--regardless of the weather. Wrecking her ex-boyfriends beloved vehicle?  A Christmas miracle.

Nick Mancini had little time for distractions. His demanding career as a firefighter was far too important. Especially during the holidays. Rescuing a dark-haired beauty and a sprig of mistletoe changes everything.

S:  (Sighs.) Nothing better than falling in love during the holidays! 

Where can readers buy your book?

D:  It's available at all major booksellers, including--

Google Play:  

S:  Devon, thanks so much for joining me today! If you would like to learn more about Devon and her books, please visit--

Amazon author page:

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Leave a review and enter to win!

I want to thank my readers for leaving reviews of my books! 

If you left a review of one of my books this year, simply email the URL or the actual review along with your email address to You'll be entered into a drawing to win one or all of the books in the Feisty Lawyers Series. Contest ends December 15. 

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Friday, November 8, 2019

This week in The Loft: Author Caroline Warfield!

Joining me today in The Loft is award-winning author Caroline Warfield! Caroline writes historical romance, taking her characters on adventures in England and far-flung corners of the UK. Caroline has embraced many roles in her lifetime--from nun to mother and Internet and Web services manager. She has retired to the urban wilds of eastern Pennsylvania, where she crafts engrossing takes of love during war and peace, and contributes to the blogs, History Imagined and The Teatime Tattler.

Author Caroline Warfield

S:  Thanks for joining me today, Caroline! Tell me, why did you become a writer? 

C:  I come from a family of world-class storytellers and I've always been a voracious reader. Add those together and writing novels becomes inevitable. Since my intellectual wheelhouse has always been history, the odds were high that I would write historical novels.

S:  What is your favorite thing about writing romance?

C:  The greatest conflicts, the strongest passion, the depths of psychological motivation, all come from family. It drives much of what we do, believe, and/or are forced to overcome and reject. Romance, well written, takes people on the journey through facing or overcoming the family of origin into the formation of a whole new one. The love of a man and woman is also the process in which each of them is led to be the best version of themselves. No other drama contains the same depth, pain, and richness of conflict and growth.

S:  Do you write in any other genres?

C:  I don't have much interest in the detailed plot development required for mystery, but I have dabbled in straight historical fiction. I just haven't published anything in that genre yet.

S:  What's the best advice you have ever given?

C:  A friend told me, "If you want to be a writer, you have to write." It sounds simple, but it took me a long time to fully understand that. First of all, it means, "Just do it." It also means to hone your craft, you have to keep at it in spite of rejections, bad reviews, desertion by the plot bunnies, writer's block...whatever. You have to get up every day, get yourself in the chair, and do it. Just write and keep doing it.

S:  That's sound advice for any writer. You can't be distracted by outside "noise," you just have to keep writing.

What do you crave?

C:  Coffee, coffee, coffee! A friend gave me a mug that defines coffee as "a necessary beverage that inhibits anti-social behavior; to be consumed until it is socially acceptable to drink wine." So, coffee and red wine. And chocolate.

S:  (Laughs.) I think you've hit all of the basics!

What is your deepest regret?

C:  That I didn't start writing sooner.

S:  Tell me about your book, "Christmas Hope."

C:  Sure. Here's the blurb--

After two years at the mercy of the Canadian Expeditionary force and the German war machine, Harry ran out of metaphors for death, synonyms for brown, and images of darkness. When he encounters color among the floating islands of Amiens and life in the form of a widow and her little son, hope ensnares him. Through three more long years of war and its aftermath, the hope she brings keeps Harry alive.

Rosemarie Legrand’s husband left her a tiny son, no money, and a savaged reputation when he died. She struggles to simply feed the boy and has little to offer a lonely soldier, but Harry’s devotion lifts her up. The war demands all her strength and resilience,  but the hope of peace and the promise of Harry’s love keep her going.

S:  (Sighs.) I love wartime romances! Where can readers buy your book?

C:  It's  available from all major booksellers, including--

Barnes and Noble:


S:   Caroline, thanks so much for joining me today! If you would like to learn more about Caroline and her books, please visit--

Website and blog:  http://www.carolinewarfield.com  



Amazon Author Page:  

Friday, November 1, 2019

The week in The Loft: Author Jan Selbourne!

Joining me today in The Loft is Australian-born author Jan Selbourne. Prior to launching her career as a writer of historical romance, Jan graduated from a business college in Melbourne and worked in the dusty world of ledgers and accounting in Victoria, Queensland and the United Kingdom. Now retired, she lives near Maitland, New South Wales.

Author Jan Selbourne

S:  Good morning, Jan! Thanks so much for joining me today.

Why did you become a writer?

J:  I loved reading from an early age and the urge to write followed. I shined at writing essays and short stories at school, while failing miserably at mathematics and subjects not requiring any imagination. Career and marriage and children put that urge on the back burner. When I did have time to write, I sat at my typewriter and had no idea what to write about. Then I read an article on how danger and fear brings out our true character. For example, the tough he-man turns to water and runs while the mild unassuming person steps up and takes charge. That inspired me to write Perilous Love, set on the early days of World War I.

S:  It's amazing what inspires us!

What attracted you to the romance genre?

J:  I think all of us are romantics at heart. When we read a book or watch a film, we want the characters to get through the hard times or challenge, and find that happiness. Last week, I read an article on a couple celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary. The photograph of them together, smiling and holding hands, said it all.

S:  Do you write in other genres?

J:  My genre of choice is historical fiction or romance because my other favorite subject at school was history. When I was 21, I traveled to the United Kingdom for a working holiday and there in front of me was the history I'd read about. I was hooked. I guess it just flowed from there.

S:  If you had to do it all over again, would you still write books?

J:  Definitely. Writing a book is a joy and incredibly satisfying.

S:  What's the best advice you've ever been given?

J:  If something in our life isn't right, such as a bad relationship, a job, or unfair treatment, we have two choices. We can leave, take another direction, even though it might be tough for a while, or we can stay. If you stay, don't complain because it was your choice.

S:  That's so true. You can choose to be happy, you can choose to be miserable. It's your choice.

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

J:  My two daughters, who are now adults and my best friends.

S:  Tell me about your book, "Lies of Gold."

J:  Sure, here's the blurb--

Someone within the corridors of power is smuggling gold across the Channel to Napoleon Bonaparte. When flimsy evidence points to the Essex coast, a royal order is given to three men to find the traitor.  One of those men, Julian Ashford, has his life transformed into debts and disgrace and is sent back to Halton Hall, and Katherine the woman he loved and lost. What Julian discovers within the walls of his ancestral home is much deeper and more sinister than he thought possible, but nothing could prepare him for the terrible betrayal when faced with the mastermind behind this sordid operation.

S:  That sounds pretty suspenseful! Where can readers buy your book?

J:  It's available from the following booksellers--

S:  Jan, thanks so much for joining me today! If you would like to learn more about Jan and her books, please visit--

Friday, October 25, 2019

This week in The Loft: Author Jennifer Loring!

Joining me today in The Loft is Devine Destinies author Jennifer Loring. Jennifer writes horror fiction as well as contemporary/sports romance. Her short fiction has been widely published and included in multiple anthologies. Currently teaching  in Southern New Hampshire's University's creative writing program, Jennifer lives in Philadelphia with husband, a turtle, and two basset hounds.

Author Jennifer Loring

S:  Welcome, Jennifer! Thanks so much for joining me today.

Why did you become a writer?

J:  I've always been creative. The first thing I wanted to be was an artist. After reading Stephen King for the first time--Misery at age 11--I started writing my own stories. I had seen my mother doing it all my life at that point, but it was really King who made me realize this was what I wanted to do. I turned out to be far better at expressing myself in written form than visually, although I did end up doing my undergrad in studio art.

S:  Do you write in other genres?

J:  Yes. I am primarily a horror writer and have had about 60 stories, a novel, and two novellas published in that genre. I also dabble in science fiction, fantasy, and occasionally, historical and literary fiction. Horror has been my first love for most of my life, but beyond that, I don't like being boxed in. I write what I feel like writing, regardless of genre. I can't imagine limiting myself. Right now I'm writing two novellas--one is folk horror and the other is dark fantasy romance.

S:  (Nods.)  Genre gets little consideration when I am writing. I write what I write, then try to figure out what box it fits in.

What attracted you to your current partner?

J:  (Laughs.) His butt. He's a soccer player. But what kept me around is his sense of humor and intelligence. He always makes me laugh. We've been together for 14 1/2 years now and married for six. Our anniversary is on Halloween.

S:  (Laughs.) How appropriate for a writer of horror stories!

If you had to do it all over again, would you still choose to write books?

J:  Probably, though I mostly write short fiction anyway. I'm starting my PhD work in creative writing next fall, so I guess I must enjoy it. I'm not really good at much else, although I teach university classes and coach other instructors as well. I like teaching, but it's not quite as fulfilling as seeing something of mine in print. I still do art, too, but  I recognized a long time go that I didn't have the talent to make a career out of it.

S:  What do you crave?

J:  I hate to say it, but I crave validation for my work. We all do, whether we want to admit it or not. I write for myself first, but I want other people to enjoy it, too. I also crave Mexican food, pizza, and martinis! And snuggles from my two basset hounds.

S:  (Smiles.) I think we all want our "creative genius" to be recognized and appreciated. 

Tell me about your book, "You Were The Moon."

J:  Sure. Here's the blurb--

Mitzi Weinhaus is the talentless daughter of two Munich Kabarett stars. One night, in an underground club that has so far escaped Nazi detection, she meets the enigmatic singer Giselle, who offers her a chance to be a hero. Teamed up with the mysterious Wolfrik, for whom she develops an alarming attraction, Mitzi soon finds herself ensnared in a world of secret societies, super-soldiers, monsters, and gods. With double-crosses on all sides, can she save her parents from certain death--and her heart from one of the most powerful beings in the universe?

S:  That sounds like a good read! Very complex and intriguing! 

Where can readers buy your book?

J:  It's available at--


S:  Jennifer, thanks so much for joining me today! If you would like to learn more about Jennifer and her books, please visit--

Amazon Author Page: 

Friday, October 18, 2019

This week in The Loft: Author Lynn Michaels!

Joining me today in The Loft is fellow eXtasy author Lynn Michaels! Lynn writes M/M romance because she believes everyone deserves a happy ending. She also finds the dynamics of male characters to be intriguing, vulnerable, and exciting. Lynn has been writing paranormal and contemporary romance since 2014. She and her husband live in Tampa, FL, where she says, "The sun is hot and the Sangria is cold."

Lynn Michaels

S:  Welcome, Lynn! I am so happy you could join me. I have watched your career with great interest. You are one eXtasy's most popular authors.

Why did you become a writer?

L:  Every time I read a great story, I don’t want it to end. I try to make up things in my head about how the story will continue. I’ve always done that, and at some point I figured if I just write the stories myself it would be a lot easier. I still do that, by the way.

S:   I suspect a lot of writers are great readers!

What attracts you to the romance genre?

L:  I used to think of romance genre as being those old fashioned Harlequin romances. They were terrible, so I stayed away. Then I accidentally started reading paranormal romance. Fantasy/sci-fi/paranormal were my go-to genres. But the newer stuff blended the story, so I had paranormal and fantasy elements with a great love story. That convinced me to read more, and I was hooked. That bled out into my writing, so I went with it. Now I even read and write contemporary romance. 

S:  (Chuckles.) After reading those, I knew I could do better. 

Do you write in other genres?

L:  I started writing more fantasy/sci-fi, but when I got hooked on the romance stories, all was lost. I could still see myself writing something non-romance in the future, but I’m having fun with this stuff now.

S:  What is your perfect romantic evening?

L:  A nice dinner. Some time out in the pool with my hubby. Quiet and low key, just spending time together. I don’t need anything flashy. Time well spent together is the best gift.

S:  Do you remember your first kiss? What was memorable about it?

L:  My first kiss was a boy I had a major crush on. It was outside of a dance – like a school dance, but it was at the youth center of the military base I lived on. I think I was about 12 years old. It was sweet and perfect. That boy became my husband years later.

S:  Holy cow! That's amazing!

Do you believe in love at first sight? Has it ever happened to you?

L:  Yes and yes. I fell head over heels in love at first sight with the boy who I eventually married. I met him in the fifth grade. The first time I saw him walking across the playground, I just knew he was special. He was everything. I never lost my love for him and we eventually reunited and married. Now we’ve been married for 15 years. He’s my soul mate.

S:  That is such a heart-warming story. It gives those looking for love hope!

If you had to do it all over again, would you still choose to write books

L:  Yes. I can’t not write. I love the novel format the most. Nice long stories you can sink your teeth into, whether that’s reading or writing. My passion has been books my whole life.

S:  If someone wrote a song about you, what would be the title?

L:  Fun question. Probably something like – "Don’t tell her what to do," or  "Needs a warning label," or "She doesn’t like to play by the rules."

S:  What’s the best advice you have ever been given?

L:  Once someone said to me that life wasn’t meant to be miserable. If you’re miserable, it’s up to you to take steps toward a happier path. You might not get there in a day, but you have to at least move in the right direction. One step at a time.

S:  (Nods.) I always tell people you can choose to be happy or you can choose to be miserable.

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

L:  I’m not sure. Actually publishing books. Getting past my fear of what others will think and just putting it out there. That’s probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.

S:  Complete this sentence:  “When one of my books is released, I...”

L:  I freak out a little. It makes me nervous. I want people to enjoy my books, and there is always a part of me that thinks they won’t. But then I let it go. I remind myself that the goal isn’t to make people like my work, it’s to put it out there for them to consume and make a part of their own story in whatever way works for them. It belongs to the reader at that point. I let it go. But in the back of my mind, I hope when they get to the end that they think of things to continue the story in their heads.

S:  What is your deepest regret?

L:  I regret not traveling more before I left Europe. I could have had so much more experiences, seen so much more of the world. I was too young at the time--a teenager. I hope I’ll have another shot at it some day.

S:  Where do you get your inspiration?

L:  I think many people ask that. They wonder how these stories come to life. It’s really a synthesis of many different ideas. I take a tiny piece of this and a sprinkle of that and meld them together. Maybe it’s a line of a song, or a quick scene from the trailer of a movie, or a news article. It’s never any one thing, but multiple things that get my brain moving in different directions. One of the best things about writing is that I can create something new from a mere spark of idea or insight. I can twist things around and do it my way. I like bending the rules and seeing what I can do. Then I hope the reader enjoys it too.

S:  Another one of your books, "Sometimes Rogues Returns," comes out today! Tell me about it.

L:  Sure. Here's the blurb--

Bryan and Kayden are back with the WCPC  team to finish what the demon started.

The mystery at Brown-Blythe Manor isn't over. The case is being re-opened, and Bryan is charged with finishing the engagement, only he knows there's more to the job than his boss expects.

Kayden and the others from the WCPC  team follow Bryan back to where it all began. Including Chad, who has more going on inside his head than he wants to admit. 

WCPC handles all your paranormal needs. Poltergeists, ghosts, or mystical apparitions, we can help. We employ the most talented wranglers who can control even the toughest demons around. Call  the consultants at Watercrest Cannon Paranormal Consultants to help.

Broody wrangler and tactile psychic must solve the mystery at Born-Blythe Manor-Sometimes Rogues Return.

S:  That sure sounds intriguing! Where can readers buy your book?

L:  Initially, it is available from eXtasy Books at However, it will be available from all major booksellers.

S:  Lynn, thanks so much for joining me today! If you would like to learn about Lynn and her books, please visit--

Lynn’s Loonie Bin - Facebook Readers Group: