Friday, November 30, 2018

Today in The Loft: Fellow eXtasy author Cameron Allie!

Visiting me today in The Loft is Canadian author Cameron Allie. Cameron, who resides in Ontario, writes romance for my publisher, eXtasy Books, and is extremely active on the eXtasy Books/Devine Destinies Facebook Page, the Book Carousel. Despite the fact that she is a the mother of an eight-month-old daughter, Cameron continues to produce scintillating love stories. And today, she is offering readers a great special on some of her books!

S:  Good morning, Cameron! Thanks so much for stopping by today.

Tell me, why do you write romance?

C: I believe that we need more happiness in the world. Romance novels for me are an escape. I get to write a HEA (Happily Ever After). I help a reader escape whatever is happening in their daily lives and help them find a bit of joy. It’s sexy and fun and a great distraction.

S:  I have to agree, not only as a reader, but also as an author. I think romance novels provide a safe and satisfying escape from the daily grind. 

Do you believe you fall in love only once?

C:  I don’t think so. I think there are all kinds of love, but if we’re talking romantic love, then I feel you can fall in love multiple times, even with the same person.

S:  I have always envied those who fell in love with their partners again and again, at different stages in their relationship. 

Where do you do your best thinking?

C:  When I’m driving in the car. I find this is the best place to get inspiration. That or as soon as I try to go to sleep at night!

S:  (chuckles) I guess I am too busy yelling at other drivers to do any productive thinking in the car! 

If you could "seize the day," how would you do it?

C:  Right now, I’m fighting a cold and I have an eight-month-old daughter, who might be catching the cold. So for me right now seizing the day would be a good long nap, followed by some spa treatments, a bubble bath, and a nice dinner that I don’t have to prepare, followed by some baby snuggles. I totally sound like a typical mom now. “I’d have a ME day!”

S:  (smiling) I was so sleep deprived during that first year with my son, I could have slept for a month!  I would have been afraid to take a bubble bath for fear I'd fall asleep and go under. However, every new mom needs and deserves some pampering. Motherhood is hard work!

With everything going on in your life, where do you turn for inspiration for your writing?

C:  I find the group Imagine Dragons to be quite inspirational.

S:  You currently have special promotion with your holiday books. Tell me about that.

C:  Readers who purchase my book, "My Mistletoe Master"  directly from my publisher at and then send me proof of purchase (either by email or through Facebook) will receive a free copy of "An Unexpected Christmas Gift."

S:  Tell me more about "My Mistletoe Master."

C:  Here's the blurb--

Nick has always wanted Amelia Fuller, his best friend's little sister, but is he capable of overcoming a past that threatens to come between them?

Amelia Fuller has been in love with her older brother's best friend for the better part of two decades. After working up the courage to finally tell him how she feels, he broke her heart. Now, three years later, she's home for the Christmas holidays and finds Nick's feelings toward her suddenly changed.

Nick doesn't like to make the same mistake twice. When Amelia arrives home after a three-year absence, Nick decides he's no longer going to hide the way he feels about her. His friendship with his brother and a past that left him feeling ashamed were the only things holding him back, but missing her for three long years has finally put things in perspective  for Nick.

After Nick catches Amelia enjoying a little fetish pornography, he convinces her to agree to a hot fling, but much to Nick's displeasure, she wants to keep their affair secret. Sneaking around and indulging in risky sexual play while staying at her parent's home for the holidays won't get Amelia everything she's always dreamed of. Terrified to expose her heart once more, Amelia struggles to discover whether they can overcome their past.

S:  Where can readers purchase "My Mistletoe Master?"

C:  It's available at all major booksellers, but for the purposes of this promotion, the book should be purchased

S:  Cameron, thanks so much for visiting today. To learn more about Cameron, please visit--

Facebook:  https:/

Next week in The Loft:  Author Mia Frances!

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  1. This was a nice interview. I enjoyed reading your answers, Cameron!