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This week in The Loft: Author Kate Barnett!

Joining me today in The Loft is author Kate Barnett. Kate writes contemporary romance. She spins tales about strong women who are not afraid to pursue their dreams and the men who love them for it. Kate believes love is a theme which all people have in common. She resides in New York City with her husband and family.
Author Kate Barnett

S:  Good morning, Kate! Thanks so much for joining me today.

What's your favorite thing about writing romance?

K:  My favorite part of writing romance stories is offering lots of juicy payoffs to the reader. As romance novel fans, we navigate alongside our heroes and heroines through plots loaded with tension, and plagued by strife. We feel those characters’ frustration right along with them, so we deserve the moments of satisfaction that make it all worthwhile. I love writing those scenes that readers wait for, whether it be the build-up to a tender first kiss, or red-hot sex with bodice tearing and buttons flying, or simply a long-awaited, honest conversation. Often, these are among the first scenes I write, and I structure the rest of the story around them.

S:  What was your worst date ever?

K:  My worst date ever, by far, was with a guy I liked a lot. I have been seeing him for a while. I was all dressed up for a fancy dinner, which never happened. When he arrived at my door, rather than take me out, he broke up with me! I was crushed. Flattened. Less than a year later, I had my best date ever, with the man who is now my husband, and the love of my life. So I really ought to thank that other guy!

S:  (Grimaces.) I think many have experienced those kind of break-ups. At least yours has a happy ending!

What attracted you to your current partner?

K:  My husband and I met in a bar, where we both were separately out with friends. The first thing I noticed was his sexy English accent, which stood out in that local neighbor-hood place in Brooklyn. Of course, I had to talk to him, and three hours later, we were still at the bar talking! The accent first caught my attention, but our endless shared interests and easy conversation were the big winner. It was the most effortless date I’d ever had, and it wasn’t even a real date! He called me the next day, and almost 15 years later, the rest is history.

S:  (Fans self.) It's sure hard to resist a British accent! 

What's the best advice you have ever been given?

K:  The best advice I have received is very simple: Put down the cell phone and put people first. Look your lover, child, parent, or friend in the eye, and have a conversation. Find out how they’re doing. Share a funny story. Ask for advice. Live in the moment. Watch a dance recital or soccer game without using the lens of your iPhone camera. Remember that a real hug feels a whole lot better than a “like” on social media.

S:  (Nods.) Sound advice. I hate it when someone is looking at their phone, pretending to be interested a conversation with me. It's just plain rude.

What are you currently working on?

K:  I always have lots of plot outlines, character profiles, and semi-written scenes in various stages of completion. The work I do on one book often influences what will happen in another. For example, "Hard to Break," which was published at the end of 2019, is the first book in a series of four. I am primarily focused on finishing Book Two right now, but as I write, I get lots of ideas for the following two books. So I digress occasionally, fleshing out those other outlines some more, and often writing whole scenes for the other books. I also have the beginnings of a spin-off series brewing, so there are plenty of projects on my plate right now. The hard part is staying disciplined and focusing on the primary book at hand.

S:  What can you tell me about "Hard to Break?"

K:  Well, as I said, it's the first book in my contemporary romance series. 

Here's the blurb--

Miranda Reed is a busy young marketing executive living in New York City. She has an active social life, a casual boyfriend, a fast track career, and a lot of confidence in herself. If she lacks real passion for her lifestyle and her work, she is too busy to notice. Adam Taylor lives life in the fast lane, focused on growing his real estate development business. He’s never met a woman who tempts him to carve out a place for her… until he meets Miranda.

When Miranda and her sister inherit their grandparents’ country estate, they are faced with a difficult choice. The property is too expensive to keep as a family retreat, but Miranda can’t bear to sell the place, with her fondest memories attached to it. Finding a creative solution to keep the manor provides a sense of purpose she’d never realized was missing.

The moment Adam and Miranda meet, their mutual attraction offers a tempting reprieve from her constant hard work. But when he becomes the unwanted management consultant running her renovation project, the prospect of a steamy affair becomes a lot more complicated. Still, Adam and Miranda cannot ignore the gravitational pull between them, and when they do come crashing together, the chemistry blows their minds. Inevitably, what starts out as a physical outlet for both of them evolves into a whole lot more.

By the time Adam and Miranda realize they belong together, their future is abruptly threatened. Miranda is viciously attacked by a malicious rival, and betrayed by somebody she trusts. Suddenly unsure of Adam’s loyalty, she shuts herself off from the closeness they shared. Adam is desperate to avenge the assault on Miranda and win back her trust, but after everything they have endured, is their love strong enough to survive?

S:  Wow. That's sounds pretty intense!

Where can readers buy your book?

K:  It's available at major booksellers, including--

Barnes and Noble:

S:  Kate, thanks for much for joining me today!

If you'd like to learn more about Kate and her books, please visit--


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