Friday, October 5, 2018

Today in The Loft: Romance author Lili Draguer!

Joining me today in The Loft is fellow eXtasy author Lili Draguer! Lili writes steamy romance. Her favorite thing is to write a story full of sexy, forbidden fun that leads to happily ever after. She loves romantic comedies, the sappier the better.  Lili and her husband live in Nevada with their three children and a cat overlord.

Author Lili Draguer

S:  Good morning, Lili! Thanks so much for joining me for tea and my favorite, Pain au chocolat!

You are a relatively new author to eXtasy Books.  Why did you decide to write romance?

L:  Mostly because real life is sadly lacking in happy endings, and I love to escape into them. Having control over writing my own is even better. Real life is missing a lot of the sexy, forbidden fun I get to insert into books, too.

S:  Complete this sentence for me, when one of my books is released . . . 

L:  I start writing the next one. This is a job that takes a lot of hustle.

S:  I was that way for the first five of my releases, but after that I started taking breaks in between.  I was afraid I would get burnt out.  Still, with three kids, I am kind of amazed you manage to release any books at all!

What would you like people to know about you?

L:  They should know that I really, really love tropes. Misfit finds their Niche, Arranged Marriages, Fated Soulmates, Beauty and the Beast, give me all of the overused clich├ęs. They tend to sneak into my books, with a twist.

S: (Nods and takes a sip of tea.) I think every romance author has those in the back of their minds when they write, some are just more creative with them than others. If someone wrote a song about you, what would be the title? 

L:  It would probably be “She’s always late because of how she is as a person, so get used to it.” Panic! At the Disco could sing it, it’d be a big hit.

S:  (chuckles) Sounds like someone with children! If you could live in any other period of time, what would it be? 

L: I would love to take a shot at Regency England, from 1810 to 1820 or so. I’m low key a Jane Austen fan, and it sounds so cool. Aside from the rampant hygiene issues, I think I’d be pretty happy in empire waistlines sipping tea with Mr. Darcy types.

S:  Personally, I would have a problem with the chamber pots and the absence of plush, extra-large towels! Seriously, I always thought I would be an outcast during those times. I have a difficult time minding my tongue!

Your most recent release is "Step Into Love." What can you tell me about your book?

L:  Here's the blurb--

Colton Johnson has successfully buried the crazy attraction he feels for his younger stepbrother for so long, he can pretend he’s not attracted to Asher at all. Graduating and dealing with the daily chore that is his bipolar disorder are the only two things on his mind. Then Colton makes the impulsive decision to accept his stepmother’s invitation to visit. What Colton doesn’t know is that Asher has been making plans.

With boundless enthusiasm, good looks, and endless amounts of persistence Asher Miller usually gets what he wants. The one plan that hasn’t worked out for him is falling in love. He never thought his off limits, damaged, hot-as-sin stepbrother would be the one to catch his heart. For years Asher has squashed down his forbidden desire but now he’s eighteen, he’s following Colton’s footsteps to college…and all bets are off. It’s time to take the steps that will seduce Colton into love.

S:  Wow. That sounds steamy! Where is your book available?

L:  It's on sale at all major booksellers, including--

S:  Thanks for much for visiting me today in The Loft, Lili!  For more information on Lili, please visit--

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