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Today in The Loft: Romance author Ann Everett!

Visiting me today in The Loft is Texas romance author Ann Everett! Ann is a fifth generation Texan, fully versed in twang, hot cowboys, and women "sassy enough to say what they want." She believes everyone should own cowboy boots! Ann is the author of 12 books. Eight are romance, three are non-fiction, and one is a cookbook!

S:  Welcome Ann! I am so glad you could join us today. Thanks so much for bringing the kolaches, though I have to say, the Texas version looks much different from those of my Slovak grandmother! Still a tasty treat, though.

Let's begin with my favorite question. Where do you do your best thinking?

A: In bed. Once I get in bed, I work out scenes I want to write for my characters. I’ve told my husband, sometimes it gets really crowded!! Often, I find myself crying if it’s a sad scene I’m working on. Silly, because as the author, I know everything will be okay in the end… and that it’s all made up, but still, my emotions get involved!

S:  (Bites into a kolache and moans.) I certainly hope--for your husband's sake--that they're not all wearing cowboy boots! 

While I imagine as a resident of Texas, you are surrounded by all sorts of inspiration for your stories, is there any one person, book, or song who/that inspires flight of fantasy?

A:  I score all of my stories…choosing just the right song to play for each important scene. So, whatever song I’ve chosen, I listen to it before I write the scene and that inspires me. Sometimes I stick my earbuds in and listen to the songs before I go to sleep at night. Many times, that will help me play the scenes out in my head.

S:  I am also a big fan of music as inspiration, whether it's tear-jerking country and western or opera.
Is there anything you crave?

A:  More time to write. I never have enough. I’d love to spend a couple of weeks in a secluded location and do nothing but write. Sigh. That would be a dream come true.

S: I'm with you there. Life can be so intrusive sometimes.

You're married to your high school sweetheart. Do you believe you only fall in love once?

A: Absolutely not! I fall in love with every hero I write. In my real life, I’ve loved the same man since high school, but in my books, I’m somewhat of a floozie…flitting from one book lover to the next!

S: (laughs) Isn't it nice that we can let loose in fiction without penalty?

If a  paranormal invited you to host a dinner with five guests, all prominent figures in history who are now deceased, who would you invite?

A:  This is a hard question and as I thought about an answer, although I have never been star struck, I found myself adding mostly famous movie stars to the list.

Elvis Presley—because I’m still mad at him for dying before I got to see him perform live in Vegas.
Marilyn Monroe— because I’d like to really know what happened to her and the Kennedy brothers.
Margaret Mitchell---because I’d like to know why she only wrote one novel, (Gone with the Wind) and if  her death was really an accident or murder.
Ted Bundy—because I’d like to get inside his head to see what made him the way he was.
Reverend Billy Graham—because I think he could answer any religious question I might have.

S:  Wow. I'd like to be a fly on the wall during that dinner!  What can you tell me about your latest release in your Bluebird, Texas Romance Series?

A:  The book is called, "True."  Here's the blurb:

Sometimes it takes losing everything…

True Shanahan must be the unluckiest woman in the world. Either that or she’s cursed. After another failed relationship, True leaves Dallas with a broken heart and new attitude. It’s time to walk on the wild side. But when she makes a wrong turn and ends up in Bluebird, Texas, the only man she wants is anything but reckless.

…to find all you’ve ever wanted.

Ritter Malone is the town’s favorite son and has the local hero awards to prove it. Seems he’s always in the right place at the right time. But when he crosses paths with True, his life takes a turn he never sees coming. Her songwriting skills may be questionable, but her ability to turn him inside out is indisputable.

Welcome to Bluebird, Texas.

Where a chance meeting gives two people a chance at love.

S:  (Sighs.) How can you not love a cowboy? Where can readers buy your book?

A:  At all major booksellers, including:

S:  Ann, thanks for much for joining me today!

Readers can learn more about Ann at:

Amazon author page                                 

Next week in The Loft: Author Lark Westerly!

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