Friday, August 17, 2018

Today in The Loft: Romance author Constance Bretes!

Today in The Loft, I welcome romance author Constance Bretes! Connie, who writes contemporary romance and suspense, is the author of seven books and has many more in the works. After more than 38 years working for the State of Michigan, Connie retired and recently moved to Montana, where she writes full time and lives with her husband--her best friend.

Author Constance Bretes

S: Welcome, Connie! It's pleasure to have you join me for coffee today. Tell me, where do you do your best thinking? 

C:  Late at night, or early in the morning either in front of my computer, in my quiet room, or the swing on the porch.

S:  I think we'd all love a quiet room! And I would imagine Montana sunsets are breathtaking from your porch. (Seelie reaches for a croissant.) 

What should people know about you?

C:  I’m in introvert. I’m friendly on paper, but face to face, I shy away.

S:  I can certainly understand that. My friends call me the "wordy hermit," because I lock myself away in The Loft and they don't see me for days, sometimes weeks. I think writers need the solitude to write and sometimes we forget there is a whole 'nother world out there. 

Do you have a favorite day of the year?

C:  I love Thanksgiving. The holiday centers around family and friends, with Detroit Lions football, turkey, and all the trimmings.

S:  Hmmmm, a Lion's fan? I have to say, the team has shown some style in recent years, even behind the cheddar curtain. The Lions and the Packers have had a very long rivalry. Last year, Stafford and crew gave us a run for our money. 

Tell me, what do you crave, other than a Lions win? (Seelie winks.)

C:  To be a best-selling author. 

S:   Yup, I'm with you there. It is so difficult for new writers to break into the publishing field. I don't think most people realize how difficult it is. It's not just about writing a book. You also have to get out there, market, and break through the noise. That's difficult. 

And now one of my favorite questions---You are offered one of the following gifts: A day back in time, a glimpse into heaven, or perfect health. Which would you take and why?

C:  Perfect health: As I get older, my health slowly declines. I can get a glimpse of heaven from the Bible, and what good would a day back in time do?

S:  You have a special deal running in August for Jade's Redemption. Tell me about that.

C:  For the month of August 2018, Jade's Redemption is available for 99 cents at all retailers.

S:  Can you share the blurb?

C:  Sure.

Jade’s Redemption

He's an overworked police chief, and she's a disgraced cop. Can he rescue her from her own depths of hell without losing his heart to her in the process?

Someone is kidnapping newborn infants and selling them to the highest bidder. Police Chief Patrick Carter has his hands full investigating the case. To complicate matters, he's short on staff.

Jade Harlowe has secrets, ones that she vowed no one would ever know. She used to be a police officer, but when a tragedy occurred—one that everyone held her responsible for—she resigned and moved to another state to start over, accepting a job as a dispatcher for the police, fire, and ambulance departments.

When Patrick discovers Jade's past police experience he offers her a job on the force. He needs help working the kidnapping cases, and Jade previously solved a similar case, so she could be a valuable asset. But will they be able to fight the attraction that's sizzling between them? Something that could be very distracting if they can't control it.

The clock is ticking. They have to find those babies and prevent more from being taken. But a very nosy news reporter may compromise everything if she digs deep enough to uncover Jade's past.

Neither Patrick nor Jade thought they had room for each other in their lives, but working so closely together makes it impossible to deny the chemistry. Can Patrick break through the wall Jade has built up around her, or will her past finally catch up with her and she loses everything once again?

S:  Wow, that sounds pretty suspenseful! Where is it available for purchase?

C:  At most booksellers, including--

S:  Thanks so much for visiting today, Connie! To learn more about Connie and her books, please visit--

Next week, The Loft welcomes author Ann Everett! 


  1. Thank you Linda, and thank you Keelie for having me today!

  2. Nice interview! And I agree - Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday. Family and food, what's not to love!

  3. I loved the interview! Wishing you that bestseller badge!

  4. Great interview! I always enjoy getting to know my friends better. :) Best wishes on this release, Connie.