Friday, October 12, 2018

Today in The Loft: Fantasy romance author Beth James!

Joining me today in The Loft is Beth James, the author of the Dream or Reality trilogy, a fantasy romance series. Like so many authors, Beth discovered a love for books in elementary school in Minnesota. She now lives in the St. Croix Valley in Wisconsin, near the Minnesota border, with her husband.

Author Beth James

S: Welcome Beth and thank you for joining me today for coffee and a chat. Tell me, why do you write romance?

B:  I read my first romance when I was in my early teens. Lucky for me, my mom and two older sisters loved to read romances as well. I was instantly hooked, especially after reading "Shanna" by Kathleen E. Woodiwess. I wanted to write like her and make the characters come to life.

S:  What's your perfect romantic evening?

B:  A warm, cozy night at a winery with the sun setting over the vineyards and valley. A bottle of wine. Food to share. Soft music in the background. No cares in the world except for being in the moment and spending time with my husband.

S:  Sounds like the perfect setting for a romance novel! Where do you do your best thinking?

B:  In bed--at three in the morning when I can't sleep. Second best is in the bathroom when taking a shower or getting ready for the day. My mind always wanders. 

S:  (Chuckles.) My mentor also had fondness for bathrooms. He claimed he did his best thinking sitting on the commode. Not sure what it is about bathrooms that permits us to do our best thinking. Maybe it's because it's one of the few places we can truly shut out the world!

What's the best advice you've ever been given?

B:  I can't remember who I heard it from, but the best advice I try to follow is "to never expect." Setting up expectations, wanting an event to go a certain way or a person to do something for you or act in a certain way, can set you up for disappointment. Instead, be flexible in the outcome and be pleasantly surprised.

S:  That's good advice! If someone wrote a song about you, what would be the title?

B:  Patience Hidden in Complexity.

S:  Wow. That's speaks to a life well-lived! Tell me about your book, "The Calling."

B:  Here's the blurb--

A fantasy romance that begins in Chicago, IL...

Jessie Rossen wakes from a coma and tells her fiance, Walt Arbol Jr., heir to Arbol Publishing, that she's in love with another man--a warrior from a different world. She struggles with reality, knowing her life in Dusken is real, while Walt brushes it off as a dream.

Takes place in a forest...

While in a coma, Jezamina wakes to Jezero, who finds her in the sea and takes her to his home on the ledge. Having no memory of her past, she must trust him in order to survive in his world, one that includes the Morlons, Jezero's worst enemy.

And has them it dream or reality?

In this trilogy of love, personal growth, and adventure, Jessie must prove to Walt what happened is real. Will she return to Jezero or will she have to accept that her life with him is just a dream?

S:  Sounds fascinating! Where can readers buy your book?

B:  It's available from Amazon Books. Here's the link--

S:  Thanks so much for joining me today, Beth!  Want to learn more about Beth James and her books? Visit--

Twitter:  @AuthorBMJames 

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  1. This was a great interview. Thanks for posting. I always enjoy hearing from authors.