Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Donovan Trait is looking for a few good humans!

An illegal union, a banned birth, a great lie, and now, a challenge to the ruling Vampire Coalition. Vampire lawyer Donovan Trait and his wife, chemically-turned Judge Shirley Magnusen, are battling for their lives and the lives of their children. With an island of highly skilled vampire nuns at their back, things are bound to get messy,

Real messy!

The Traits are organizing, a revolution is in sight, and they're looking for four good humans to fight by their side. Freedom fighters, technology experts, social media specialists, military strategists, and medical and legal staff are all needed to win the war against the cruel and arbitrary Vampire Coalition. 

Interested? All humans on Seelie Kay's newsletter subscriber list will automatically be entered into a drawing for a featured role in "Vive La Resistance." Other enlightened humans may register for the drawing at by October 30, 2021, midnight, CST. Only newsletter subscribers will be eligible to participate. The drawing will take place October 31, 2021 and winners will be notified that day by email.

Details. All winners will be asked to complete a survey regarding desired traits for their character, and will also be required to approve a draft of the passage that contains their names or nickname. Winners will also receive a complete explanation of their rights and responsibilities as a participant in the revolution.

Questions? Contact Seelie Kay at

To learn more about Donovan Trait and the Vampire Revolution, read the first two books in the series--

First, We Kill All the Lawyers (Book 1):

Ye Gods! The Law is an Ass (Book 2):

Vive la resistance!

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